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Pub. Date: Aug. 6, 2016
ISBN-13: 2940156857760
ASIN: B01JM164G6


A KISS OF MAGIC (eBook format only)
The Kiss Series- Book 1

Yasra Desro has yet to live up to her expected potential. As the daughter of two powerful Vendii majji and having been born at the right time and under the right circumstances, she should be one of the most powerful majji of her time…according to her parents’ expectations.

Instead she has never shown the slightest glimmer of majic. She is, she believes, what her people refer to as a non. A person without majic. And, quite frankly, she’s all right with that. She’s tired of trying to live up to her parents’ preconceived notions of what would make her a worthwhile person. She’s ready to accept her powerless state and move on into her future as a non.

Dendri Adiron is the complete opposite of Yasra. He has known from a ridiculously early age that he was bound to be one of the greatest majji of his time…and he did not disappoint. He is a powerful Aspano majji with a fearsome reputation. Exactly the kind of majji Yasra has always preferred to avoid.

The two of them are destined to meet, and that moment will change both of their lives forever. Neither has realized it, but there is a huge gaping hole in each of their lives…just waiting for someone special to come along and fill it.

The trouble is, will they both recognize that before it’s too late?





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