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Pub. Date: Sept. 6, 2016

ASIN: B01JM164G6


A KISS OF FIRE (eBook format only)
The Kiss Series- Book 2

Ariana Colla is a queen among her people. As one third of a ruling triumvirate she has power and prestige, but she believes she has never let it go to her head. Her power as a politician is matched only by her power to wield fire with her hands and mind. She and her society are refined and sophisticated.

Raja Sin is also a ruler of his people, but they are very far from being refined. Arianna considers him and his people barbarians. Savages that have vexed the Saren people with war and bullying.

But thatís supposedly all in the past. There is peace now between the Sarens and Sinís people. But that doesnít change the hard feelings left behind by war and it doesnít change Arianaís opinion of Sin.

Sin feels just the opposite. He finds everything about Ariana to be fascinating and exciting. In fact, ever since the conclusion of their peace talks he has been unable to erase her from his thoughts. She is in his mind and in his blood like a fever that wonít break. It drives him mad until he is compelled to take drastic action.

Sin and Ariana are two opposite sides of a coin, the same but different. They each want whatís best for their people, and they each have trouble seeing issues from the otherís perspective. Can Raja Sin get Ariana to see things his way? Or are they destined†to remain worlds apart?





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